03 May, 2012

$ye TenB - it's all about the $$$

I really don't understand why people are still spending so much time debating (or talking about debating) with the likes of $ye TenB, a wannabe celebrity Christian who goes around spewing non-arguments under the guise of 'presuppositional apologetics (PA)', when his real goal is simply to make a few quick bucks. I've encountered him many times myself in blogs or forums, and he has challenged me to debate him multiple times, but to do so is quite simply a waste of time because, as we have seen again and again, he will never EVER change his dishonest debate tactics. But more to the point, doing so simply serves his purposes of making money and becoming a celebrity Christian.

$ye does not care a jot about converting people to Christianity, and he certainly has no desire to save anyone from suffering the torments of hell. He is simply OUT TO MAKE MONEY. I'm not saying he doesn't necessarily believe what he says (although I'm skeptical to say the least), but it is quite clear from his actions that his primary goal is to become a celebrity Christian and make a big pile of cash in the process.

Look at what he has done in the past as clear evidence of this...

$ye has always claimed that using evidence to prove the existence of God is 'unbiblical', and that the only apologetic that is truely 'biblical' is his own brand of PA. This has caused much controversy between Christians on a few forums over the years, with one especially insulted evidentialist Christian called John Fraser (who writes vast volumes of nonsense on other issues) taking $ye to task on this over multiple posts.

So for someone who is severely critical of evidentialist apologetics, you would expect that $ye would also be severely critical of Eric Hovind, son of convicted tax-fraud Kent Hovind, and thus a member of one of the most well-known evidentialist apologetic families in the Christian world. A quick search on YouTube provides a plethora of examples in which the Hovinds attempt to use scientific evidence to prove the truth of the bible, despite not having the first clue about science.

$ye must really disapprove of this, right? I expect he would refuse to deal with such 'unbiblical' people.

But no.

On the contrary, $ye has whipped off his clothes, jumped into bed with Eric Hovind, turned off the light, fully locked on his spoon and is currently whispering sweet nothings in his ear (see here for one example of many).


Simple. Because Eric Hovind is a big famous rich celebrity Christian with a TV show.

$$$$ Cha-ching!!! $$$$

To add to this, some people who have actually agreed to debate $ye have found out the hard way that his ultimate goal was, again, to make money (see here for a thorough explanation). An obvious example of this is that you can listen to every debate he has had with Paul Baird for free, and yet $ye still approved of the production of a DVD containing the debates to be sold for $19.95. This is a purely greed-driven tactic by $ye and his cohorts to make money. Why do they need to make money off the back of such debates? I thought the whole point was about speaking the truth. Clearly not.

So, by all means continue to refute PA in blogs and forums, but don't bother engaging with the cash-hungry $ye TenB in the types of debates he continually demands. They are simply a strategy by him to promote his self-inflated ego and fill his pockets by flogging DVDs to not-very-smart Christians (of which there are many => $$$).

As for the PA argument itself...well it's a load of old rubbish, but we've been through all that before (see here here and here for my three-part series on the subject). I might post an update soon collating all the various refutations.


Ryk said...

Considering how often he gets his ass whupped, one would think he would stop. Well if he were honest he would, but I never expect honesty from evangelical types.

I had not known he was trying to get famous, he didn't strike me as more memorable than scmike or any other pressupocon. Makes sense though I mean look at Comfort, Hovind and the other "true Christians" money seems to be the only thing they believe in.

rhiggs said...

They are as bad as conmen of any other type. Preying on innocent people in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Ryk said...

Kind of makes me sad for my species.

Paul Baird said...

There is the Anti Sye-Clone Foundation on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/392063290826802/

Invite only, but a very useful resource,

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