12 January, 2011

Back in Ireland

There hasn't been much action on my blog in the last two months due to personal cicumstances. I have moved back to Dublin having spent the last 14 months in London. I had a great time over there but it was time to come home (for a variety of reasons that I'm not going to go into).

Anyway, I'm back doing frontline research again. And by a strange twist of fate it turns out that part of my research will be on the type III secretion system in bacteria (below on the left). This system shot to prominence during the Dover trial, as it is the very system that is proposed to be an evolutionary precursor to the flagellum (below on the right). See more about the relationship here, and a great talk by Ken Miller on it here. Of course, my research will be with respect to the infectious elements of the type III secretion system and so it is unlikely to overlap with its interesting role in refuting intelligent design.