22 March, 2012

Intelligent design in the UK - a plea for attention!

I signed up to receive email notifications from the Centre for Intelligent Design ages ago. This was just out of interest - to see what sort of things they are up to. Today I got an email from the director, Dr Alistair Noble, asking me if I would like him to give a talk free of charge. The letter is reproduced below. Keep in mind that this is coming from a movement that claims it is growing every day and that a paradigm shift is imminent.

The email subject title was "No fee for ID presentation from Dr Alastair Noble‏"

Dear xxx,

I am being increasingly asked to speak to groups about Intelligent Design and I am writing to say that I am committed to expanding this aspect of the work of C4ID. I would be happy, therefore, to speak at any event, anywhere in the UK, which you may wish to organise. I am also happy to participate in more intimate settings like a dinner or supper event.

I have a number of illustrated presentations which are suitable for college, university, church or public audiences and which deal with various aspects of Intelligent Design. Although C4ID is not specifically targeting schools, I am also happy to give talks in schools, to classes or clubs, where appropriate. The current requests have been for talks on:

The scientific evidence for Intelligent Design
The Re-emergence of Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design and the case for faith
Evolution and Intelligent Design
Are we here by design or by chance?

Although these talks have differing emphases, each deals essentially with the evidence for design in nature. I also usually have some books and DVDs for sale.

If you wish to organise an event, please get in touch with me by email or call the Centre on 0141 331 1607. My PA, Rosalyn Goodfellow, will probably deal with your request. It would be helpful for scheduling if you could give me a few months' notice of your intentions.

I should say that the costs of this will be borne by me or by C4ID, though any contribution you can make will be welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Dr Alastair Noble

Centre for Intelligent Design

Does this really sound like the type of letter you would send out if you were truly being inundated with requests to give talks, as Dr Noble suggests? To me it sounds more like there is very little interest in ID at all, and this is a desperate cry for attention (and to hopefully flog a few DVDs).


13 March, 2012

Venus and Jupiter FTW!

I just took these photos of Venus and Jupiter from my apartment window. I couldn't believe how clear the sky was given that I live close to the centre of Dublin. Venus is slightly higher and on the right hand side. They will be this close for a few more days and then not again until June 2015.


See here for more on the meeting of the two planets.

And here is one I annotated (click to enlarge):