18 September, 2011


Ireland 15 - 6 Australia


13 September, 2011

Foul play reported at show by psychic Sally Morgan

On Sept 11th, while psychic Sally Morgan was displaying her amazing abilities in the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin, several of the audience (who had paid 40 quid a ticket) reported that they heard a strange voice at the back of the room relaying information to her.

They told their story to Joe Duffy on RTE radio (12th Sept show):

Sue went to see psychic Sally Morgan last night in the Grand Canal Theatre. She was great in the first half but during the second half Sue began to hear somebody talking loudly at the back of where she was sitting. She thought it was somebody heckling but she soon realised that everything he said Sally was repeating on stage. He would say a name like David and she would repeat it onstage. Other callers who were also at the show tell of similar experiences.

At the very least, it seems that a few believers are now skeptical of Sally's professed psychic abilities. One woman reported that while she was queing at the end of the show to get a book signed, the woman in front of her asked Sally about one of the names she was calling out during the show. The woman in question had realised too late that this name was relevant to her. Shockingly, Sally allegedly dismissed the grieving woman, who had forked out €40 for the ticket and presumably another sum for a book, saying that she was finished relaying messages for the evening. In other words, give me your money and get lost. End of story.

It's sad that even some of the women that called into the radio show, who heard the man relaying information to Sally, still think she is a genuine psychic and cares about her grieving audiences. There is only one thing that Sally and her staff are interested in - I'll leave it up to you to work it out.

Of course, that 'voices in the head' are used as part of a psychic's show is not a new discovery. They've been doing it for years. Most famously, the faith-healer Peter Popoff was exposed as use this technique by James Randi back in the 1980s. This incident is detailed in the below video, in which he also embarrasses Uri Geller on the Tonight Show.

Sally Morgan be warned.


01 September, 2011

Don't worry

Here is the ultimate problem-solver...