10 April, 2009

We meet at last!

Darwin: 200th birthday in February.
Me: 29th birthday in February.

Darwin: A baldy slaphead.
Me: A baldy slaphead.

Darwin: Wrote Origin of Species and is widely credited with being one of the greatest minds of all time.
Me: Eh........hmmm.......(tumbleweed).......*bird sounds*

Official score:
Darwin 3 - Rhiggs 2

This ain't over Charles, not by a long shot......!!!!

Picture taken by Kev R at the Natural History Museum in London (07/03/09)


Anonymous said...

I seem to have the dubious honour of being the the first to post a comment on your blog.

Great picture of you and Darwin....the blog isnt too bad either by the way!

Kev R

rhiggs said...

Good man Kev,

I assume you recognise the blog title, yeah....??

Some game last night!!

Anonymous said...

Of course....now you point it out to me....

'Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism; at least its an ethos'

Lou FCD said...

Darwin: wormfood.
You: Not.

Darwin: Never smacked Lacy Casey Luskin around.
You: Did.

Official score:
Darwin 3 - Rhiggs 4

Welcome to the blogosphere, Rhiggs.

rhiggs said...


Cheers Lou