28 June, 2010

Pointless, time-wasting, drivel-filled blogging 101

I just posted this over at Dan's blog as he followed the formula exactly.

1) Write a blog post

2) Get exposed in the comment section as being completely ignorant of the subject matter

3) Deflect attention of your ignorance by posting an inflammatory comment (other tactics include linking to an old post, or saying "right, this gets a new post" in order to shift the goalposts)

4) Give sufficient time for the inevitable angry reactions to flood in

5) Eventually reveal the prank as 'playful banter' and then shift the focus to the fact that the serious atheists can't take a joke

6) Smirk as everyone forgets that you were exposed as being completely ignorant of the subject matter

7) Shift the goalposts, nay, shift the entire stadium, and start talking about a completely irrelevant subject, say....the evolution of humour

8) Wash, rinse, repeat

Marvin, Dan.................A+

(OK, yep, I just wrote this based on his post...)


23 June, 2010


Proof that I bet on USA to win Group C before the tournament started (dated 09/06/10)...



22 June, 2010

Justice pour l'Irlande

Well, about as much justice as we can hope for.

France finished bottom of their group at the World Cup, losing 2-1 to South Africa today. Their miserable campaign has included two losses, in-fighting, resignations, player strikes, players sent home, red cards and unhappy French politicians.

Is there a moral to this story? Probably. How about don't cheat your way to a World Cup? I'm not saying Ireland would have done much had we qualified, but we couldn't have been as pathetic as this disgraceful French team.

On top of everything else, Raymond Domenech refused to shake hands with the South African manager at the end of the game.

What an imb├ęcile!


10 June, 2010

Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and me...

This site graphs your political position on the basis of your answers a mix of economic, social and philosophical questions.

Here's my graph:

Turns out I'm a big libertarian socialist head! Who knew?!

I've no idea how accurate it is but the names in the title are apparently of a similar political persuasion to me. I'm also hanging out with Gandhi, George Orwell and Noam Chomsky, but turns out someone invited Michael Moore to the party too. Hmmm...

For interest, here is how the Irish political parties position on the graph:

And the 2008 US presidential candidates:

(click on the graphs for improved clarity)