14 November, 2009

The Most Important Thing In The World...

That's right. Football.

C'mon Ireland!!!!!!

For those who don't know, Ireland are in a two-leg playoff with France to reach the World Cup Finals in South Africa next summer. France are 25 places ahead of Ireland in the world rankings (9th vs 34th) but I still think we can do it. The French public (and some of the players) can't stand their manager, Raymond Domenech. He has neglected to pick players before based on their star sign!!! And he even got booed by the crowd at the French masters last week. Look at the players laughing as the crowd boo him!! - video is of poor quality

Edit: We played quite well but lost 1-0 thanks to a deflected shot........ Gutted!


06 November, 2009

Goodbye Ireland, Hello England

As the title suggests, yesterday I packed my bags and moved to England. North London to be precise. I start work on Monday as an associate editor at a major scientific publishing company. I am ten parts excited to one part nervous.

Today will be spent apartment hunting and doing a few bits and pieces to prepare. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to post here in the near future as I'm sure it'll be a hectic first few weeks but I will do my best to continue this blog as time allows.

Roll on Monday...!!


03 November, 2009

Size Matters

Checkout this page from the University of Utah website. It compares the size of various items, starting with a coffee bean, ending up with microscopic items, such as an E. coli bacterium, an antibody and even a carbon atom.

Simply scroll right to reduce the scale.

(hat tip: Froggie @ SMRT)