20 August, 2010

God humbled by Rubik's Cube

I suck at Rubik's Cube. Nevertheless, I can solve any possible combination in 20 moves or less.

Yep, that's right.

Well, OK, I can in theory.

Some people over in California did a science and proved that the lowest number of moves in which all possible Rubik's Cube combinations can be solved - the so-called 'God number' - is 20. This loosely means that God is no better than me at Rubik's Cube. He is restricted by the same limitations. Nice to know.

The guys over at Premier are having a wee debate on the implications of this (that God cannot solve all combinations in less moves) if you want to have a look see...

Alternatively...there is always this method:

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BeamStalk said...

I can do it in zero moves, just gotta peel all the stickers off...